Agency 116

Kendra's After-Action Report: Hellstrom
Investigation of corrupted Agency lab leads to discovery of humans "enhanced" with robotics

Casualties during mission: 1. Roy Devarrio

Damaged equipment: Gadget (to be repaired)

Description of mission: Our team was sent in to investigate an Agency facility, consisting of labs and some offices. Four lead scientists ran the research there and were not reporting back. An investigator was previously sent in to uncover the situation and never reported back, and automated lockdown was never triggered. We were told to track down the four scientists and find out what was going on.

The team was taken to this facility via helicopter, and placed. Mercedes was sent in through the vents to see if the coast was clear on the top/third floor. Floor was vacant. The rest of the team used issued key cards to enter the facility.

Each floor had a similar structure; labs were centralized and offices were located on the outer part of the hallway. The labs were locked but the offices were open but on; that office had a combined keypad and card lock. The card cleared but the lock was still closed. I used my kit to determine what the passcode might be via fingerprints, but it was decided that Roy would open the lock. LeRoy and Freeman went to investigate the labs while Gadget and I sifted through some of the information left in the open offices. Mercedes went further down into the building.

Gadget and I discovered that the facility was dedicated to experimentation with magic, and had recently became more strictly focused on interaction between magic and machinery/robotics. There were complaints as to the changing of keycards for the labs. In the locked office, Roy had discovered the body of one of the four scientists, who had scratched “Hellstrom” on the underside of a desk.

Roy moved down to the first floor to check on Mercedes while the scientists worked on breaking into the labs; I went to the second floor to check out the multitude of papers discovered there.

There was a commotion below and Mercedes warned us of “something big” moving around on her floor. She had fallen through one of the vents and attracted some attention. Soon there was gunfire. I ran down to check on the situation and was witness to the sight of Roy being chased by three men with mechanical enhancements grafted to them. These three particular men were evidently soldiers, as they were large had a gun in one arm, a sword in the other (I mean “in” as in “within”). Roy ran outside just before I tried to shoot at a soldier and missed. The scientists came down and took down the soldiers, and later explained that the locks of the labs were encrusted and merged with magical crystals (hence the change to the lock system).

We discovered Roy was dead; the body was stripped of equipment and hidden away. A man merged with technology showed up; he was not unlike the soldiers but did not have much weaponry on him. We captured him and he and explained that he was a “worker” that moved around machinery for Hellstrom. I called home base and explained what we had learned so far. Our superiors explained that Hellstrom had been a scientist who was uncommonly persuasive and thought he was somehow saving humanity by merging them with magic-laced technology. We were not to speak with him if we found him.

We decided to check the basement floor for anything else and Mercedes again took to the vents; the rest of us took the stairs, sending Gadget down first. We found a pair of the worker people blocking our way. Freeman torched them and just as they were out of the way, a slew of spells and bullets flew at Gadget, incapacitating the robot. I called for backup immediately as the firefight began between our scientists and those under Hellstrom, all enhanced by some mechanical/magical parts. After a short amount of time, however, they surrendered to us.

Mercedes explained to us later that she had made it into one of the back rooms and sent an email containing data to someone who was presumably Hellstrom, since he was able to persuade her to do so. She also sent a copy to herself, though, and the sending of the email was evidently the reason we were being prevented from going to the basement; almost immediately after it was sent (after a brief phone call), Hellstrom’s group surrendered.

The extraction team was sent in to take in these new prisoners (two of which were head scientists) and to take us back. The last scientist was discovered dead.

Kendra’s After-Action Report: Kumiho
Kumiho who was killing people in the city under the guise of a prostitute

Casualties during mission: None

Equipment damaged: None

Description of mission: Our team was sent out to investigate five killings in the city. Five men were discovered battered as if by blunt force and beaten, but the force to beat them so badly was beyond human strength. They all also had their livers removed and, judging by the scraps left behind, their livers were eaten.

We investigated each murder case by case, undercover as FBI agents; two of the men were found in their homes, two at motels, and one in the back seat of a car. Most of them had died in the evening, but one had died midday on his day off. Most of the men were in their 20s and 30s, with one student, who was supposedly getting ready for some sort of “initiation” or “big day”.

Short red hairs were discovered at each of the scenes, and what was left of the livers indicated that the bites were made with small, needle-like teeth.

We interviewed various people connected to each murder (family members, significant others, friends, employees of the motels on staff at the times of death, etc.) It was discovered that the city had a red-light district that the victims entered on the nights of their murders to enlist sexual services. One particular red-haired woman with changing hair lengths was seen by a few witnesses

Connecting the sexual aspects of each case with the descriptions of both the woman and the animal-like evidence left behind, we concluded that the culprit must be a kumiho, an evil Korean fox spirit that takes a human form, seduces people and eats their livers. (There are Chinese and Japanese versions of the kumiho that can be evil or good, but the Korean version that we encountered was one that is usually evil.) This particular kumiho was acting as a prostitute, and her hair sounded a lot like the fox-like fur discovered at the scenes.

We tracked her down and formulated a plan to either kill her or capture her, as per our instructions. In the evening, I was to solicit the kumiho and ask her back to the motel I was supposedly staying at. During the solicitation, I was guarded over by the more subtle members of our team, while the others waited at the motel room we had booked ahead of time. We would get her to the motel and take her down there.

The solicitation went down without a hitch, though she may have noticed Roy or one of the others on the way; this did not seem to stop her. Once she entered my room, I drew my gun on her. She punched me (almost incapacitating me, but I had kept my Kevlar vest on) and tried to flee but was gunned down by the others; it was at this point we called the agency, as she was only unconscious and was primed to be captured. I got medical attention and she was taken in.

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