Roy Devarrio

Ex-SWAT Officer - Tactical Ops (Deceased: KIA)


Roy L. Devarrio was a humble, but hot-tempered man. Born in Italy, his parents moved to the United States for a change of scenery and to begin a better life. His childhood was lonely, only knowing a few others at school, but never spending time with them away from class. His parents were not often home because of work to try and earn a living in this new land. His father passed away from sudden illness when Roy was 13 years old leaving all the duties of earning a living to his mother. His mother did not handle the stress well and took it out on Roy by hitting him and punishing him for no reason. Roy joined the army when he was 18 and trained as a long range combatant. He did not take authority well because of his temper and promptly left the forces at the age of 20. Not long after, Roy missed what it stood for to be a man of honour and found the next best thing. He joined the police force and quickly scaled the ranks. It was a more laid back environment relative to military training and he had already honed his marksman skills in the force. He applied and succeeded in joining the SWAT team and made a name for himself in analyzing scenarios and neutralizing deadly targets. He was given the role of Chief SWAT Tactical Officer at the age of only 28; the youngest officer of his position in that police force. Eventually, the constant high stakes scenarios were playing on his mind and he was feeling intense remorse for what he had done on one particular call. A hostage was being held at gunpoint and as “Scorpio” was called a small stone on his sniper stand shifted his aim and he neutralized the deadly target after the bullet had already penetrated the hostage’s skull. Since that mistake, Roy stepped down and took on a new job as a tactical trainer holding night classes and lessons at the rifle range for those eager to join the SWAT team.

Roy one day received a strange phone call at his desk which was an appointment the go to an undisclosed location at an undisclosed time. Not sure what drove him to attend, he showed up and after an initiation session, was hired by Agency 116. Roy was a doubting Thomas, never believing in anything supernatural until that day. In his mind, he did not care what he was required to shoot as long as it was going to protect the millions of people he once supported in his youth.

[Roy was killed in action while attempting to infiltrate an Agency 116 Science and Research facility]

Roy Devarrio

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